About Snohomish Summer Smash

Trophies and T-shirts await the Tournament competitors
Tournament t-shirts for all competitors, and trophies for division winners


The 2018 Snohomish Summer Smash, a three-day tennis tournament for high school players ages 14-18, will be taking place on Friday, July 20th through Sunday, July 22nd, at the Snohomish High School Tennis Courts. This is an opportunity for players from around the region who would normally never have the chance to compete, to pit themselves against each other. Two levels of Boys and Girls Singles will be offered: Gold (for high level varsity players, comparable to USTA Champs), and Silver (for varsity and JV players, comparable to USTA Challenger).  Boys and Girls Doubles will now have Gold and Silver Divisions as well, and Mixed Doubles is also offered.

Reasons to play in the Snohomish Summer Smash: Valuable experience for players hoping to make their Varsity roster, or those vying for their team’s top four spots, as well as an opportunity for Doubles players to try their hand at Singles, and vice versa.
Consolation bracket ensures a minimum of two matches